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About Grivel

Grivel was born on the Italian side of Mont Blanc from a family of blacksmiths. After years producing agricultural tools, they were faced with the opportunity to design equipment for the tourists in the area who wanted to climb the mountains. And so, Grivel’s journey into the business of mountaineering equipment began. Today, Grivel gear is available in over 50 countries worldwide, and they’ve continued to innovate along the way.

Tradition meets progress

When you’re gearing up to head into the mountains, a few pieces of Grivel equipment strapped to your pack can add security and peace of mind. For those hard icy slopes and mixed routes, pick up a pair of Grivel crampons that focus on technical design and performance in harsh conditions. Their crampon accessories also help in a pinch and make sure you get the most out of your crampons. And whether you’re looking for a light tool or a technical piece with all the features you could dream of, Grivel’s selection of ice tools, axes and accessories is the place to start looking.

For the love of the mountains

With their home base surrounded by the natural beauty of Mont Blanc, Grivel has always had a commitment to preserving nature for future generations to enjoy. They’re working towards using all renewable energy sources in their manufacturing, including solar and hydroelectric. They also minimize the use of plastic in their packaging, focusing instead on recyclable materials that won’t have the same impact.