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About Houdini

In the early 90s, Lotta Giornofelice found herself in need of clothes that didn’t currently exist. She wanted clothes that would keep her comfortable during start-and-stop activities that would keep her warm while idle without overheating when it was time to move again. Recognizing this as a gap in the market, she founded Houdini to fill it herself.

Filling a niche

Houdini has stayed committed to their mission, with their line of products offering a range of options to keep you comfortable. They go for stylish, minimalist designs that don’t compromise on function. Their jackets are great for staying warm and keeping the wind away in every season. For colder weather or deeper snow, check out their ski and snowsports gear so you can be fully outfitted. And if you want something a little more casual, trying a super soft Houdini shirt.

A positive impact

Loving the outdoors means working to protect them. Houdini is committed to minimizing their footprint, believing strongly in a circular life cycle for their products to ensure sustainability in the long run. One example? If your Houdini clothes are worn out after years of use, you can return them to Houdini to be recycled, giving the materials a second life.