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About Huma

Huma was founded in 2012 in an apartment by two veterans named Ian and Kevin. They were both displeased by the taste and efficiency of training food and drinks for athletes, so they set out to create an energy gel that tastes great and provides you with the energy needed to go the extra mile.

Huma is inspired by the Tarahumara, a tribe of Mexican Indians. Who were known to run for miles using the power of the chia seed. Chia seeds are a tool for glycogen supplementation which helps you last longer on your adventures, marathons, and treks. The injection of chia seeds mixed with natural ingredients gives Huma the tasty flavour and the efficiency you need.

Huma and community

Leading an active lifestyle is one of Huma’s mantras and reasons why they created the #Humabeings ambassador program. The #Humabeing program promotes that lifestyle using social media and has helped many enthusiasts find their community through activity. Anyone can be a #Humabeing whether you are cycling, running, hiking or doing any sort of activity that promotes a healthy lifestyle. Who knows, maybe even you can become a #Humabeing and show the world your passion.