Boil water in a flash with Jetboil

Crawling out of your cozy sleeping bag is a little more appealing when hot coffee is less than two minutes away. Lightning-quick Jetboil camp stoves boil water in as little as 100 seconds, so you can spend less time shivering and more time savouring your first cup.

Push-button ignition lets you keep your gloves on while cooking. An adjustable valve gives you full control of the heat, from simmer to rolling boil. Afterward, the compact cooking system nests together to take up less space in your pack. And when you get home, tools like the Jet Gauge and CrunchIt help you check how much fuel is left in your canister and recycle it safely – keeping one more item out of the landfill.

What can you cook on a camp stove?

Integrated canister stoves like Jetboils are a great match for dehydrated camp meals, which just need boiling water. To flex your camp chef muscles with a more elaborate menu, pick a stove with simmer control. Check out our tips on choosing the best camp stove for your needs, or chat with MEC staffers online or in-store.

Round out your camp kitchen with key accessories like bowls, coffee makers, and of course, sporks.