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About Leatherman

Leatherman multi-tools have been an essential part of any outdoor kit for 40 years and counting.

The pocket-sized multi-tool was born of necessity. While on a trip in Europe in 1975, Tim Leatherman relied on his pocket knife, but kept wishing he had a set of travel pliers. He put his mechanical engineering background to work and over eight years designed his dream gadget. The first prototype was released in 1983 and named the PST – Pocket Survival Tool – which eventually led to the popular Leatherman Wave.

Leatherman multi-tools are known for their slim design and versatile lineup of up to 20 components. Use the tweezers to fish out a nasty splinter trail-side, or reach for the knife to whittle a campfire-ready roasting stick. Pliers, screwdrivers and a bottle opener are all handy companions on camping trips and backcountry expeditions. For specialized repairs on the go, power up your Leatherman with accessory parts like extra screwdriver bits. A Leatherman lets you deal with any minor annoyance and get on with your ride, climb or hike.

The Leatherman multi-tool was invented as a solution to a problem – and every model is still made in the company’s factory in Portland, Oregon.