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About Lezyne

In 2007, Micki Kozuschek was already the founder of two successful businesses in the world of cycling. Leaving both Maxcycles and Truvativ in capable hands, he moved to his third venture: Lezyne. He wanted to introduce high-quality cycling accessories that could match the performance of bike components that already strived for those standards, rather than cheaper mass-produced options that paled in comparison. Today, Lezyne has a catalogue of award-winning products with worldwide recognition. From their Nevada headquarters, they continue to innovate and work towards making better cycling accessories for every ride you take.

Engineered design

Every product from Lezyne is engineered to meet the needs of cyclists with the highest-level quality. They’re known best for their selection of bike lights, with powerful LEDs to make sure you’re visible in all sorts of conditions. These aren’t the only bike accessories they produce, either. Lezyne water bottle cages strive for the same high level of quality to keep your water close. And when it comes to maintenance, their bike floor pumps will help keep your tires in tip-top shape.

A move towards sustainability

As they strive to make the best bike accessories possible, Lezyne also strives to lessen their ecological footprint in any way they can. One of the major moves they’ve made to this end is with their packaging. They use cardboard made from recycled bamboo, with compostable starch plastic and paper fastening straps to keep it all together with minimal impact.