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About Life-Sports

Founded in 2014 with the goal to fill gaps in the sporting gear market, Life-Sports puts the focus on the needs of active people. Their goal is to offer affordable, high-quality products that can be used by everyone, letting more people explore the world around them and be active in it.

Being outdoors

Life-Sports works to enable people in three core ways: to be active, be safe and be well. With their selection of running and hiking gear, they offer the tools you need to get outside and get active. Their traction devices are one great example, giving you the confidence and comfort you need to safely hit the trail on icy days.

Respecting the environment

In addition to their commitment to customers, Life-Sports are committed to the environment. Recent collections make use of recycled materials, including polyester from recycled plastic bottles. Their ongoing partnership with and donations to the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society help to conserve and protect the species, habitats, and ecosystems that give Canada its natural beauty.

An international market

Though their roots remain in Montreal, Life-Sports have expanded to serve an international market. Since 2021, their products have become available in 15 countries across the world, enabling even more people to get outside.