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About Lifeventure

Britain-based Lifeventure is a brand focused on making lightweight, functional travel gear for your next big adventure. Lifeventure travel wallets are super secure, easy to access and mesh as well with travel packs as they do with shoulder bags. To learn a little more about Lifeventure and snag some valuable travel tips, read on.

Free and easy

When you’re on the move and far from home, it’s important to keep your valuables on hand and protected. Slim Lifeventure wallets with RFiD protection will keep your cards from unwanted taps and scans, so there’s no surprises next time you go to open your mobile banking app (other than how much you’ve been spending on snacks, maybe). Lots of Lifeventure wallets are also made from recycled materials, so you can stay both secure and sustainable.

Tried and true travel tips

Gearing up for a journey abroad or just a weekend in the next town over? Keep our travel tips handy in your bookmarks for expert advice on-the-go. Triple-check our comprehensive travel checklist before you run out the door, and make sure to choose the right travel adapter for your destination to save yourself some trouble.

Pack up your cards in your Lifeventure wallet and go do some exploring.