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About Look

Jean Beyl founded Look in 1951. Initially creating ski bindings, the French designer created the first clipless pedal system for road bikes in the 1980s, which are now known as the Look clipless pedal.

Look’s clipless pedal dramatically changed the cycling industry by allowing riders to secure their feet to the pedals increasing power transfer and overall efficiency. After the creation of clipless pedals, they became the new standard for professional cycling and enthusiasts.

Look continues to innovate new cycling accessories and even bicycles that are equipped with cutting edge technology to improve performance.

If you are in the market for clipless pedals that are lightweight and aerodynamic, Look pedals will check all the boxes for you.

Look and sustainability

For Look nothing is more important than the outdoors, which is why Look is committed to producing durable and high-performance products while reducing waste to a minimum. They are also practicing ECO- responsible packaging, using packaging made from 90% recycled paper.