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Louis Garneau

About Louis Garneau

Cycling champion and Olympian Louis Garneau designed his cycling apparel line using his first-hand experience of training and racing. With over 40 years in the cycling apparel industry, Louis Garneau products are a fusion of tech, performance and max comfort. Their design team spends hundreds of hours innovating airflow tech and keeping your safety in mind, allowing you to ride further, faster and longer.

Louis Garneau has expanded their team of experts over the years to go beyond cycling and include a range of gear for other outdoor sports and activities, with the same performance and comfort.

Gear that gets everyone outside

With decades of innovation, Louis Garneau cycling gear keeps protection, durability and comfort at the forefront of their designs. Products like Louis Garneau cycling gloves protect your hands from inevitable bails while wicking sweat and providing grip.

Expanding beyond cycling gear, Louis Garneau snowshoes take you from local trails to the backcountry and perform on hard-packed snow just as well as they do on powder. They’re ultralight and durable.

Louis Garneau kids’ snowshoes offer a fun way to get the little ones in your life on the trails with fun designs and colors to choose from.