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About Matador

If there’s anybody who knows how to pack, it’s people who love the outdoors. This was the basis upon which Matador was founded in 2014: the desire to bring outdoor expertise to the world of travel. With their home base in Boulder, Colorado with easy access to natural testing grounds, they’re in the business of making travel less complicated so you can focus on enjoying the journey.

Simplicity in performance

Matador focuses on keeping things simple. No gimmicks, no unnecessary frills – just exactly what you need, performing at the highest level in all sorts of conditions. Their travel accessories are their claim to fame, a product line that covers a wide range of travel solutions to make packing (and unpacking) easier. Matador also offers bags to keep all your travel accessories together on the go. Travel organizers are great for small items like toiletries, while fanny packs and waist packs will get you outfitted for a day of exploration. And when you need to carry a little more, Matador’s selection of daypacks help you hold it all.

A planet to explore and protect

Loving travel means taking care of the world and its people as you go. Matador is committed to sustainability, with initiatives like in-house product repair, ethical manufacturing practices and carbon neutral freight carriers to lessen their impact.