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About Mora

Sweden has a centuries-long history of knife-making tradition. With a number of different craftspeople getting their start there, Frost-Erik Erson was the one who laid the earliest groundwork for Morakniv, known today internationally as Mora. He started a timber sledge factory which manufactured a number of tools, including knives. From these humble beginnings, Mora quickly gained popularity in both Sweden and abroad, and today, Mora remains one of the most popular knife brands in the world.

A tradition of quality

Since 1891, Mora has been producing high-quality knives that work well in all manner of outdoor activities, from everyday car camping to backcountry treks to canoeing and more. Their selection of fixed blade knives offer a variety of options to help outfit you for whatever the trip throws your way. All of their blades have the same classic style and ergonomic design that made them famous. Keep an eye out for differentiating features like buoyant handles or fire steel mounted in the sheath to get exactly what you need most out of your knife.

Sustainability from the source

Mora has always had a tradition of minimizing waste in their production. Each scrap of material is put to use, something that was originally done with economic intent but has since shifted to focus on environmental impact. They continue to strive towards streamlining their manufacturing processes to minimize their impact where they can.