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Mystery Ranch

About Mystery Ranch

Mystery Ranch makes rugged packs to keep you company on all your most daring adventures. Based out of the Rocky Mountains in Bozeman, Montana, their packs are meant to withstand outdoor experiences that get muscles pumping and adrenaline flowing. Learn more about Mystery Ranch below and find a backpack to lighten the load so you can go the distance.

Form follows function

A dependable Mystery Ranch backpack will see you through countless intense climbs, long-distance treks and alpine missions. Named for an old Western black-and-white TV show, Mystery Ranch has an aesthetic just as unique as the folks who depend on their gear. They’re self-described “freaks for manufacturing,” and it shows — their packs are designed with fit as the number one consideration, with premium Load Carriage™ durability and flexy frames built into every pack.

Recognize the Ranch

It’s not just about making great packs. Like the warp and weft used to turn thread into fabric, Mystery Ranch believes in a constantly interwoven relationship between themselves and organizations that benefit the outdoors. Mystery Ranch engages in non-profit support and advocacy for groups that fight fires, protect wildlife and conserve wild spaces across the United States.

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