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About NRS

Northwest River Supplies, better known today as NRS, was founded in 1972. Bill Parks wanted to prove that a positive approach to business could be a sustainable one, and where better than in an industry he was passionate about? As a lover of rivers and the opportunities to explore them, he scraped together $2000 to fill his garage with boating gear for sale, and NRS was born. Today, NRS is 100% employee-owned and holds onto the same passion for the water that started it all.

Ultimate utility

Since its inception, NRS has come to be known for its rugged, reliable equipment. With professional standards across the board, their designs are purpose-driven and user-focused to enhance peoples’ experiences on the water. From their PFDs and boat safety equipment that’ll help keep you afloat to the NRS paddleboards and SUP paddles that’ll give you a reason to be on the water, they’ve got plenty of equipment to meet your river-roaming needs. Looking for the right outfit for your excursion? Take a look at NRS watersports clothing and water shoes, designed to help you make the most of your time on the water and stay safe doing it.

Preserving our waterways

As lovers of the water, NRS has a strong drive to keep our water clean and safe to preserve access to on-the-water recreation for generations to come. They partner with a variety of national and local organizations to take care of our rivers, lakes and oceans in pursuit of that goal.