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About Pacsafe

Pacsafe was founded in 1989 by travel enthusiasts Magnus McGlashan and Rob Schlipper. They were familiar with the upsides and risks of traveling, and wanted to find a better way to do things. With the goal to add security and peace of mind to your travel experience, Pacsafe seeks to empower you with the confidence to explore without worrying so much about your things when you reach your destination.

Peace of mind on the road

Whether you’re gearing up for a trek through Asia, a European adventure, or just a business trip a couple provinces over, Pacsafe offers a variety of products that can help you feel secure on the go. Pacsafe daypacks and sling packs are great for a day in the city or on the move, while their money belts and wallets are smaller, subtler options for keeping your belongings close and safe. For more travel security, check out their travel pouches and packing organizers to keep everything right where you need it, and their locks, tags and flags to make sure you’ve got everything you need to feel secure while you’re away from home.

Positive action

Pacsafe is committed to making positive change in the world, starting at the source. They use recycled materials in their production and have pledged to remove all virgin plastic from their supply chain by 2025. They also prioritize ethical working conditions and fair treatment of workers at every stage of the supply chain.