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About Pelican

Built on a passion for safety gear, founder and scuba enthusiast Dave Parker constructed a durable, waterproof first aid kit for divers. It was a hit, and soon people began tossing out the first aid gear and using the case to store valuables. Since then, Pelican has taken the original safety case and ran with it, creating high-performance cases and gear that lasts decades.

Rugged and durable gear

Pelican hard cases are the evolution of the product that started it all, keeping your valuables crush-proof, dust-free and water-free. Smaller cases fit a phone or GPS to keep them safe on the water, while bigger cases fit large gear like cameras and other delicate equipment to protect them from being crushed or heavy rain. Organizers, dividers and loops keep gear sorted and secured.

Pelican coolers are just as durable and reliable as their hard case cousins and are big enough to pack a few weeks’ worth of meals. Handy cup holders secure open drinks and dry storage compartments give you room to pack lots of snacks.

With a rugged body and a pocket clip, Pelican flashlights are ready to travel with you. Tailcap switches make them easy to use with one hand.

Standing the test of time

Pelican does sustainability in the way they know best – creating reusable, durable and reliable products that last a lifetime, eliminating the need for single use products.

At the manufacturing stage, Pelican ensures that they reuse materials wherever they can and recycle every scrap of eligible material.