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About Redtail

In 1992, John Bell had been making paddles for over twenty years. Getting his start at the North Country Paddle Company as a teenager, he later founded the Northumberland Paddle Company and saw it to national recognition. He missed the personal creative aspect of a small-scale operation, though, and this led him to start a new venture. He started Redtail Paddle with the goal to offer handcrafted paddles at an affordable price, and today, they continue to pursue that mission.

Handcrafted excellence

Whether you’re brand new to canoeing or a lifelong paddler, Redtail’s selection of handcrafted canoe paddles will get you moving. Their wider blades offer greater power, while slimmer models are great for digging deep into the water. They also offer junior paddles with lighter, smaller frames to make sure the little ones stay comfortable.

Different Redtail paddles share a few common features. A resin tip adds durability, extending the life of your paddle against shallow riverbeds and sandy beaches. The curved euro grip is comfortable to hold and helps reduce fatigue while paddling. And of course, every Redtail paddle is made from gorgeous natural wood, with different types of wood offering a variety of options in weight, durability and overall aesthetic.