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Ritter Sport

About Ritter Sport

For a tasty post-run pick-me-up or a sweet snack on the trail, grab a Ritter Sport bar. Since all the way back in 1912, German chocolate maker Ritter Sport has been producing quality chocolate bars with big flavours in small, colourful packages. The “sport” in Ritter Sport refers to the shape of the bar itself — small enough to fit in the pocket of any sports jacket. Talk about class.

Squares to share

Ritter Sport is a favourite of chocolate enjoyers around the globe, with their signature vibrant (and fully recyclable) packaging and distinctive flavour combos. Their snap-off squares are great to split with friends, and their condensed shape and size is great for shoving in your pack before a leisurely day hike. As a family company, Ritter Sport values the experience of sharing chocolate with people you care about and leaving the world a hospitable place for generations to come.

Sustainable schokolade (that’s German for chocolate)

Ritter Sport has been certified carbon neutral by TÜV Nord since 2020 and uses 100% certified sustainable cocoa. They’ve also got some big-time sustainability goals lined up for the future. By 2025, Ritter Sport aims for 100% cocoa traceability and 100% carbon neutrality (which includes Scope 3 emissions over which Ritter Sport has no influence).

So, pick up a bar or two and enjoy your sustainable snack.