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About Saucony

Getting their start out of a factory in 1898, Saucony evolved to become a global shoe brand powering runners and shoe-lovers alike with running shoes, casual shoes and apparel. Their unique name is based on Saucony Creek in Kutztown, PA where they first started their journey.

Taking you from road to trail

Ultralight Saucony road running shoes keep you bouncy and light on your toes as you hit the pavement. Featuring comfy and breathable mesh, Saucony’s road runners let you run miles without any uncomfortable rubbing.

If you’re hitting the trails, Saucony trail running shoes are equipped with rock plates that protect against the rough and bumpy terrain. For rainy runs and slippery trails, waterproof trail running shoes from Saucony have grip for slick spots and waterproofing on the uppers for sloshy trails and puddles.

The lightest footprint possible

Saucony creates every product with a sustainable goal at the forefront – make the lightest footprint possible. That begins with making durable products that are built to last. They encourage repurposing your running shoes for other activities or donating when you’re done with them.

They create easily recyclable shoe boxes that are ready to be repurposed and already have recycled content, and the shoes inside use recycled plastics or other eco-friendly materials.