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About SAXX

SAXX is changing the game when it comes to underwear comfort. It’s important to have ergonomic, breathable undies when you’re pedaling hard, ascending a pitch or skiing down slopes. That’s why SAXX has engineered some handy features to keep you feeling supported all day, every day.

Out-of-the-park comfort

SAXX boxers and briefs come equipped with BallPark Pouch™ technology, a system made to supply three-dimensional support around your glutes, thighs, quads and hamstrings. They have a chafe-resistant construction and a design that preserves your freedom of movement through any sketchy moves or long days of hiking. This makes SAXX underwear a sweet choice for any outdoor activity where comfort is key.

Comfy choices for any activity

If you need a couple of reliable pairs to add to your rotation for long hikes, sport performance-heavy days or just walks in the park, SAXX has options. They’ve got boardshorts for summertime fun, and breathable baselayers for toasty insulation when it’s chilly outside. What’s more, their clothes and boxer briefs with antimicrobial treatment keep you feeling fresh on long-haul journeys.

That’s the scoop on SAXX. Pick up a couple styles and experience full-on, reduced-friction comfort from all sides.