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About Shotgun

Kids Ride Shotgun – or Shotgun for short – was founded in 2017 with one goal in mind: to help raise the next generation of mountain bikers. Tom Hayward and Dan Necklen wanted to offer parents a way to include young children in the sport they loved, giving them the opportunity to spend more time with their children outside and away from devices. Today, they ship their products all over the world to enable that dream.

Ride-along adventures

Shotgun’s flagship product is their front-mounted bike seat, designed to easily attach to the frame of even the most technical mountain bikes so your child can come along for the ride. Intended for children up to five years of age, this and other bike accessories give you the opportunity to introduce them to the rugged beauty of the outdoors. See Shotgun’s selection of child trailers and accessories to get started.

Safety first

Safety is the first priority in Shotgun products, making sure you can feel good about bringing your kids on the trails with you. In addition to being built to stand up against rugged conditions, each product goes through rigorous safety training in-house and by third party testers. Shotgun adheres to international safety standards where relevant and tests all products for hazardous materials to keep your little ones safe.