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About Silva

In 1933, three brothers - Björn, Alvar and Arvid Kjellström – put their heads together to create something revolutionary. They invented the first ever liquid-filled compass, and it was this innovation that started the Silva brand. With their invention becoming an extremely popular standard in the world of navigation, they continued to work and evolve, always stiving to innovate in the world of outdoor gear. From their Swedish roots to today’s worldwide recognition, Silva has never stopped working to set new standards across the industry.

Sport, adventure, work

No matter what brings you outside, Silva’s selection of outdoor equipment is ready to get you prepared no matter where you end up. Their flagship products continue to be their compasses, ready to help you navigate the world. They offer a variety of styles and options to meet your preferences, and many lean on that first innovative idea – the liquid-filled compass – that started Silva to begin with. They’re small, lightweight and easy to use, making them a welcome addition to your pack, your pocket or your PFD. You can rely on your Silva compass to point you the right way – all you have to do is follow.