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Skratch Labs

About Skratch Labs

For sports drinks and snacks that keep your energy up and taste great without leaning on the artificial stuff, give Skratch Labs a try. Created by sport scientist and professional cycling coach Dr. Allen Lim, Skratch Labs makes energy and recovery drink mixes, energy chews and snacks for athletes of all kinds.

Fuel made from scratch

Drawing from his background in sport science, Dr. Lim initially started making the “secret drink mix” in his home kitchen for the cycling team he coached. His formula contained less sugar, more sodium and a subtler taste achieved by using real fruit. That drink mix piqued the interest of local endurance athletes, rock climbers and regular folks alike looking for healthy sports drink alternatives, and thus Skratch Labs was born in Boulder, Colorado.

Sip and support small businesses

As a small, independent company still based out of Boulder, Skratch Labs mostly just wants to make food and drinks that taste great and help people perform at their best. Outside voted Skratch Labs as one of the 50 Best Places to Work in 2020, and it’s a culture that feeds into everything they do. Consider stocking up for your next big race.