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About Sombrio

Sombrio was founded by Dave Watson in 1998 in Vancouver, Canda known as the home of mountain bike central. Sombrio was originally a small mountain bike apparel shop specializing in mountain bike shorts. However, in 2002, Sombrio expanded its offerings and launched its first full collection in 2003. The brand’s focus was to create high-quality, durable, and stylish mountain bike clothing that supplied performance and comfort to riders.

Sombrio quickly gained popularity within the mountain biking community, thanks to its innovative designs and functional apparel. When designing new apparel for their product line, Sombrio always pays attention to detail, with a rider driven approach to product development.

Today Sombrio now has a wide range of mountain bike clothing, such as jerseys, shorts, and gloves.

Sombrio and community

Sombrio is a staple in the mountain bike community due to their continuous support for the sport. The brand actively sponsors and collaborates with riders, events and teams to help expand mountain biking popularity.