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About SPOT

A pioneer of mobile satellite service, SPOT (powered by Globalstar satellite network) lets you adventure where and how you want while keeping your mind at peace. GPS data determines your location to keep you connected while off the grid, letting you notify friends, family or emergency personnel if you end up in a pickle (or a severe pickle).

SPOT is committed to making satellite communicators and services as affordable as possible for all who backpack, camp or cycle off-grid.

Stay connected

SPOT’s gen4 satellite messenger has a simple look that’s packed with powerful features. It’s durable with extreme dust and waterproofing for sandstorms or drenching downpours. The most important feature is the SOS button, ready to send help when you need it and equipped with a hard-plastic cover, so it’s not pressed by accident. A separate help function lets you notify your pre-programmed contacts of any non-life-threatening emergencies.

If you’re looking for something a little more interactive, SPOT’s X 2-way satellite messenger lets you send text and emails even while deep in the wilderness. 2-way messaging lets you interact with your friends and family and get confirmation from first responders that help is on the way. An illuminated keyboard and high-contrast screen let you type and read even when the light is low.

All SPOT satellite messengers require a paid subscription service and direct view of the sky to work.