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About Stance

Founded in 2009, Stance was born from the idea that socks could be a whole lot more than they were at the time. With the goal to create something that would revolutionize the way people looked at socks, Stance came to be – and today, they’re an industry leader, bringing colourful, high-quality socks to over 40 countries worldwide. Athletes, artists, musicians – Stance socks are for anybody who wants to add a little flair to their wardrobe.

Inspiring self-expression

Stance partners with artists to create unique designs that go beyond the norm. They strive to create apparel that allows you to fully express yourself in every item. That means creating designs specific to the medium – what’s beautiful on a shirt might not be beautiful on a sock, so they put their focus on making things mesh.

Fashion and function

It isn’t just unique style and self-expression that Stance brings to the table. Their socks are designed for comfort and performance to make sure you’re getting the absolute most out of every step you take. Their running socks are ultralight, breathable and hug your foot tight. Some also include reflective details for those late-night runs. Their hiking socks help regulate temperature, cushion your feet for long days and avoid chafing with their intentional construction.