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Sterling Rope

About Sterling Rope

Sterling Rope was founded in 1992. They like to keep things straightforward: as their name suggests, they make rope (and cord), both dynamic and static varieties. But just because their name is simple doesn’t mean their products are. Besides being high quality, Sterling Rope’s products have always strived to innovate and have made major steps forward in rope technology. For example, they were the first to produce a 100% polyester static rope.

A rope for every purpose

Whether you’re a recreational climber, working at height or performing rescue operations, Sterling Rope offers a selection of gear to fit all kinds of needs. Their dynamic climbing rope is a staple, with static ropes and cord offering a more niche alternative. Both come in a variety of sizes with different features to fit your needs. Sterling Rope also offers some rope accessories to help you care for your rope.

If you want more information, check out our article on how to choose and care for a climbing rope. It’ll help you get an idea of what you’re looking for and how to make it last a long time.

Environmental commitments

Sterling Rope is committed to doing their part to minimize their footprint and protect the environment. Over 95% of the raw fibres they purchase make it into finished ropes, with the leftovers recycled or repurposed. All of their packaging is either recycled or biodegradable. They’re also proudly a carbon neutral company.