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About Stohlquist

In 1977, Jim Stohlquist set forth to start a business, fuelled by his love for paddling and supported by his experience in craftsmanship and gear design. This is how Stohlquist was born, striving to offer the very best in watersports gear. Based in Buena Vista by the Arkansas River, they’re passionate about the water and want to enable others to explore and enjoy it.

From the beginning and to this day, Stohlquist has worked to incorporate the latest developments in raw materials and manufacturing techniques into their designs. They continue to innovate, finding new ways to make their products better, safer and more effective for all their users.

Comfort and safety on the water

Stohlquist offers a selection of water safety gear to give you the confidence to explore and enjoy the water wherever you go. Their PFDs are a core component of this goal, giving you safety and peace of mind when you set out on the water. All of Stohlquist’s PFDs are made to fit comfortably and avoid interfering with your paddling motions to ensure you can focus on your trip and not on your gear.

New to paddling or not sure where to start for safety? Check out our article on how to choose a PFD for some guidelines to get started. And if you’re shopping in store, a MEC staffer can help you make sure you’ve got the right fit.