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About Suunto

Suunto was founded over 80 years ago by Tuomas Vohlonen, a Finnish adventurer. The current compass tech at the time wasn’t matching up with what he needed, leading him to invent a liquid-filled compass with a more accurate needle. On that day, Suunto was born and Tuomas never found himself lost again.

Suunto leaves no doubt that their products are reliable and durable with direct examples of their watches and compasses withstanding their cold, dark home of Finland.

Moving in the right direction

A Suunto compass is the perfect companion for your adventure, ensuring that you're moving in the right direction. They’re durable, scratch-resistant and have the same liquid-filled design that the founder of Suunto used all those years ago, allowing for smooth and stable operation.

If you’re looking for a gadget that moves with you, Suunto watches track your progress when swimming, cycling or running. They measure heart rate, track sleep cycles and help you stay on path with GPS functionality.

Protecting their playground

Suunto works hard to protect their playground, the Earth, by using 100% renewable energy at their factory and HQ in Finland, tracking the scrapping of their waste to ensure it goes to the right places, and producing long-lasting and repairable products.