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About Swagman

Named for the Australian nomads who wandered between farms in search of work, carrying everything they owned on their back, Swagman was created with the purpose of enabling you to seek adventure wherever you go. It was founded in 1993 by Jim and Jan Morris, who wanted to design a better way of transporting bikes during travel. They were among the first in the world to design a hitch style bike rack, and in the years since, they’ve continued to create new and exciting ways of transporting gear for when you’re ready to seek new horizons.

Hardware to enable your exploration

Swagman’s speciality is in providing you with the tools you need to bring your bike anywhere the road can take you. Whether you’re headed to familiar trails or setting off in search of completely new territory, you can feel confident and comfortable when you load up for the journey. Swagman’s hitch-mount bike racks were among the first of their kind when they were first introduced to the industry, and continue to strive for quality, convenience and reliability in their design. If you’re looking for a different option to transport your bike, try Swagman’s roof racks or truck bed bike racks for selections that might better fit your vehicle of choice.