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Sweet Protection

About Sweet Protection

In 1988, a group of action sport enthusiasts and friends in Norway got together with the goal to make better, safer gear. They started with skateboards, but over the next couple decades, continued to branch out. By 1999, they were operating under the Sweet brand name that would become their signature, and today, Sweet Protection has designed several award-winning pieces of safety gear and they continue to innovate. Their goal is simple and hasn’t changed – they want to give you the protective gear you need to feel confident pushing your boundaries.

Stronger, lighter, better

Sweet Protection keeps their design philosophy simple. They strive for functionality and performance in all things, but they believe the design and attitude of a piece of gear is just as important, something inspired by exposure to California’s skateboarding culture. Among their best-known products are their protective snow sports gear. Their ski and snowboard helmets aim to be lightweight and extremely safe, keeping you protected without weighing down your ride. And whether the sun is bearing down overhead or the winds are intense, Sweet Protection’s selection of ski and snowboard goggles will offer the eye protection you need to carve with confidence.

Environmental responsibility

Throughout their design and manufacturing process, Sweet Protection has been working towards mitigating their environmental impact. They focus on making high-quality, long-lasting products to keep garbage out of landfills. They also make use of eco-friendly and recycled materials where possible without compromising the safety of their products.