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About Tacx

Tacx was founded in the Netherlands in 1957, first opening as a bike and repair shop. Deeply involved in the cycling community, their offerings expanded as the needs of cyclists came to their doors. Over time, they’ve become known for their innovations in bike trainers. Since being acquired by Garmin in 2019, they’ve continued to innovate and expand, serving the needs of cyclists at every level to make sure that everybody can enjoy the sport they love.

Future focused

With their technology constantly improving to help you get the most out of your ride, Tacx aims to make cycling more accessible and enjoyable to everyone. Their selection of bike trainers and smart stationary bikes are a great way to keep you moving and training indoors. To further enhance the indoor training experience, check out their bike trainer accessories, letting you take your training to the next level. To learn more about bike trainers and how to get started, take a look at our article about how to choose an indoor bike trainer.


As a subsidiary of Garmin, Tacx falls under their sustainability umbrella, striving towards a greener, healthier world. Garmin’s sustainability initiatives include recycling programs, mindful management practices and a shift towards renewable energy.