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About Therm-a-Rest

In 1971, a trio of friends wanted to make a better sleeping pad. John Burroughs, Jim Lea and Neil Anderson got together to figure out how to make the experience of sleeping outside a more comfortable one. After realizing open-cell foam was the answer they were looking for, they got to work, and by 1972, the first Therm-a-Rest sleeping pad was being sold.

Outdoor comfort

Since their beginnings, Therm-a-Rest has continued to innovate and improve, constantly striving for new solutions to outdoor comfort. Their selection of sleeping pads has only grown, and they now offer varieties of inflatable sleeping pads, self-inflating sleeping pads and even closed-cell foam sleeping pads. In addition to offering sleeping pad accessories to keep you prepared, their sleeping pad repair kits help in a pinch or for extending the life of your sleeping pads.

The comfort doesn’t stop there. Therm-a-Rest blankets and quilts keep you cozy no matter where you are, while their camping pillows will help you find that just-right comfort when it’s time for bed.

Environmental responsibility

In addition to handling their manufacturing in-house, Therm-a-Rest is committed to sustainable practices in their business. Wherever possible, they make use of materials, manufacturing processes and waste disposal practices that leave the smallest footprint they can.