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About Vans

Established in Anaheim, California in the ‘60s by Paul Van Doren, his brother James Van Doren and Gordon C. Lee, you probably know Vans as a favourite shoe of skateboarders across the globe. And you’d be right, though a solid pair of Vans is good for more than just landing a few ollies and rail grinds at the skate park (but hey, you can use them for that, too. Go ahead. We’re not your mom).

Slip-on comfort

Slip-on Vans are great for lounging around the campsite after a long day of hiking, walking your four-legged friend to the dog park or giving your poor feet a well-earned break from your climbing shoes. You can fold down the heels for a comfy no-fuss fit, and their waffle-cut soles give you a nice grip for a minor trudge up to the crag or lakeside stroll.

Lace-up Vans are also a versatile cherry on top of any outfit. Pair them with climbing pants and a long sleeve shirt to compose a scrape-resistant casual bouldering look for when you’re literally “Off The Wall,” or wear them with a t-shirt and jeans for an easygoing rest day ensemble.

Keep it Old Skool cool

Now that you’ve got the lowdown on what Vans are all about, grab a pair and get the most out of your newest do-it-all summertime shoe. But you might want to brush up on your skate slang just in case — you don’t want to get caught looking goofy.