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About Vibram

Established in Italy all the way back in 1937, Vibram has been in the sole game for a long time. You’ll find shoes with Vibram rubber soles everywhere if you look hard enough — Merrell trail shoes often have ‘em, the all-terrain and winter varieties of Blundstone have ‘em, the list goes on. But did you know that Vibram also makes shoes of their own?

First steps

Vibram is named after its founder Vitale Bramani, who developed his first soles in the wake of a tragedy that struck a group of his mountaineering friends in 1935. “Inadequate footwear” was named as a factor, and this motivated Bramani to develop new rubber lug soles with a tread design. Today, Vibram soles are used frequently by mountaineers, hikers and outdoorsy folks of all types for ultimate traction and safety.

A move into minimalism

Vibram’s also famous for their FiveFingers line of shoes, introduced in 2005 as a lightweight shoe that lets you feel the ground beneath your feet. There are aquatic options for your next canoeing or kayaking adventure, or just plain old toe shoes. They’re especially great for chilling at the campsite or decompressing after a long hike.

Consult our handy-dandy guide on how to measure shoe size and width at home, and step out in your new Vibram shoes.