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About Vuori

Vuori was founded in 2014 by Joe Kudla, an entrepreneur who saw a gap in the athleticwear market. Where multiple brands were making high-quality athleticwear geared towards women, there wasn’t an equivalent for men. One bout of start-up fundraising later, Vuori was born to fill the gap.

Performance apparel

There are three key qualities to Vuori apparel: quality, performance and comfort. Their clothes are designed to move with you but to stay comfortable when you’re done moving, too. Vuori shirts, whether long sleeved or short, are super soft and dry quickly, with athletic fits that’ll keep you moving. Their pants and shorts are at home at the gym, on a jog or on the couch with their comfy fits and easy stretch. And if the weather is looking rough, a Vuori jacket will keep away wind or light rain so you can focus on training.

Sustainability at every step

From the materials they use to the community they’ve built, Vuori has a focus on sustainable and ethical practices at every stage of their manufacturing. Vuori factories adhere to a strict code of conduct to ensure high quality working conditions, and other efforts include a 100% offset of their carbon footprint.