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Wahoo Fitness

Train smarter with Wahoo

Wahoo Fitness has lots of ways to maximize your time in the saddle, from their ultimate Kickr Bike to impressive direct-mount and tire-mount Kickr trainers. All Wahoo trainers are smart trainers, so you only need to add your favourite training app to ride courses and compete with riders all over the world. Interested in getting started? Check out our article on how to choose a bike trainer.

GPS bike computers and key add-ons

Wahoo’s line of Elemnt GPS bike computers focus on rider performance. Top-tier models come preloaded with routable maps to get from A-to-B (or find the closest coffee shop). Looking for more data on your rides? Wahoo has optical heart rate monitors, bike-based speed and cadence sensors, and power meters.

There are lots of trainer-focused accessories too. The Kickr Climb raises and lowers your bike’s front wheel to simulate going up or downhill, and the Headwind Fan brings airflow (and coolness) to trainer sessions. Wahoo even has a fitness desk that changes your trainer zone into a workspace, along with minimalist pedals for use on the road, trail or trainer.