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Western Mountaineering

About Western Mountaineering

Over 50 years ago, Western Mountaineering was started with a simple goal: to create the best sleeping bags on the market. Founded by a pair of passionate mountaineers, they put their focus on refining each stage of the process to excellence. They strove for the best raw materials, the most meticulous and thoughtful designs and high-quality craftsmanship that would tie everything together. Today, Western Mountaineering offers over 30 models of sleeping bags, each a proud example of their commitment to offering the lightest, warmest bags available.

Cozy comfort

With over 30 models in their catalogue, Western Mountaineering offers a sleeping bag for every occasion. With each one being down-filled and ultralight, they offer an excellent warmth to weight ratio whether you’re hiking into the backcountry or setting up your tent for a music festival. To add extra warmth to your sleeping setup, try a sleeping bag liner. And for that little bit of at-home comfort, a camping pillow will get you all set.

Responsible design

As makers of down-filled sleeping bags, Western Mountaineering is serious about their sources. They ensure all the down used in their bags is responsibly and ethically sourced. Their manufacturing takes place close to home in San Jose so oversight is simple. Finally, the longevity of Western Mountaineering’s sleeping bags is always at the forefront of their design and material decisions, ensuring you get use out of your bag for decades to come.