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About Wheat

Wheat has its roots in Denmark, founded by Charlotte and Peter Galsgaard in 2002. With a focus on working with natural fibres and making clothes their kids would be free to play in, Wheat has since spread to over 45 countries, including Canada, where it operates as a family business out of British Columbia.

Natural fibres

As the inspiration for their brand name, the use of natural fibres in their clothing is at the core of Wheat’s philosophy. They focus on using sustainable materials like organic cotton and recycled fabrics, so that even when synthetic materials are incorporated into their clothing, you can feel good knowing their environmental impact has been minimized. Wheat’s child swimwear and child accessories all show these principles in action.

The importance of play

It isn’t just material sustainability that drives the passion behind Wheat clothing. One of their core values is the importance of play in a child’s life. That means the freedom to move without restriction, to discover, learn from and find wonder in the world around them. This is what Wheat strives for in their designs – allowing children to move and play the way they want to.