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About Xcel

Xcel was founded by Ed D’Ascoli in 1982 from the bedroom of his Sunset Beach house. From his doorstep, Ed could see world-class performances on the water daily and with the inspiration he felt, began creating high-performance products for these athletes. Growing up surfing on the Atlantic coasts, it was only natural that the first product he was going to start producing were wetsuits to keep you warm in chilly waters.

With a passionate focus on product development and an unwavering dedication to research and design innovation, the team at Xcel has grown to produce a range of high-performance gear for the water.

Get water-ready

Xcel wetsuits incorporate durability, seam-sealed construction and a fit that feels custom-made every time. Xcel wetsuits come in full body, spring suits and every combination under the sun to give you coverage where you need it. They’re quick drying for daily use and flexible so you can paddle, swim and maneuver however you need to.

Beyond wetsuits, Xcel rashguards are breathable, UPF rated and wick moisture when you’re paddling hard in the sun or running across the beach. For more neoprene, Xcel offers neoprene accessories like hoods, gloves and boots.

Sustainable neoprene

Xcel makes their neoprene as sustainable as possible by using earth-mined limestone to replace petrochemicals. Xcel also formulates their neoprene rubber foam such that it eliminates nearly all the PAHs substances.