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About Zippo

In the 1930s, in Bradford, Pennsylvania, George Blaisdell saw his friend struggling with a lighter. Although it worked well in the wind, it had a major design flaw. You had to use both hands to work it.

Blaisdell decided to fix this problem in 1932 by redesigning an Austrian lighter. He created a small rectangular case with a hinged lid. The result was a cool lighter that could be easily used with just one hand, and from that the first Zippo pocket lighter was born.

After Zippo achieved early commercial success, they started to make their way into popular culture. Zippos became a common sight everywhere, whether it was a bar or a concert.

In 2010, Zippo launched their outdoor products collection, which includes hand warmers, lighter fluid, lanterns, and more.

Sustainability and Zippo

Zippo is fighting fire with fire by teaming up with Woodchuck USA to plant a tree in Madagascar for every windproof Woodchuck USA lighter they sell, preventing areas devastated by forest fires from becoming uninhabitable.