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Camping chairs

Camping chairs to sit back and take a load off

Where there are roaring campfires, beautiful views, or just the right amount of sunshine, there’s also the perfect spot to sit and enjoy it. And when the ground is rocky, wet, or just plain too far down, it’s time to pull out a trusty camping chair to make the experience that much sweeter.

From cushions you can cram into that last spare corner of your pack to a proper nylon throne (complete with cupholders), there’s a camping chair to fit every need. If you want something that won’t weigh you down, check out ultralight options. More casual about where you rest your legs? A comfy chair built for the campsite or beach might be what you’re looking for (and don’t forget a camping table to match).

Keep your eyes open for other features that might help narrow down your picks. Side pockets store camp essentials like matches and keys. Recliners and adjustable headrests let you customize your comfort. Seat height and weight capacity measurements will help you decide which chair is the perfect fit for you – and don’t forget one for the kids too.

With a camping chair on hand, you can kick back and relax while you enjoy the scenery… right up until you’re ready to pack it up and hit the trails again. Check out favourites from brands like Big Agnes, Helinox, Nemo & MEC.