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Camping tables

Fold-away camping tables for the beach or summit

No matter where you make camp, one thing’s for sure: nature doesn’t always offer as many clean, flat surfaces as we’d like. That’s where camping tables come to the rescue to keep your coffee upright and your breakfast safely out of reach of the dirt.

Designed with convenience in mind, camping tables fold down small to fit in your backseat, canoe, or pack. They open when you need them and slip away when you don’t – simple as that. With a range of shapes and sizes to account for everything from holding a drink to preparing dinner for your family, their usefulness and versatility speak for themselves.

For trips where every gram matters, try a light, packable table. If you need a table where you can prepare a big meal or feed a big group, go for something with a lot of surface area. Other features to look for include cupholders, wine glass cutouts, and storage options. Some tables even have adjustable legs that let you tackle uneven ground like a pro.

Once you’ve picked your table, don’t forget to grab a couple camping chairs to match, and you’ll be ready to outfit the backcountry with the comfort of your own backyard.