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Tent footprints and groundsheets

A sturdy foundation for your portable home

A tent footprint (also called a groundsheet) is great to bring along on any overnight camping adventure. When you set up camp for the night, a footprint acts as a barrier between your tent and the ground below, shielding it from dirt, mud, rocks, and general debris that could potentially damage the underside of the tent.

A footprint can save you a lot of grief when you’re packing up the campsite, but it’s important to make sure your footprint is compatible with your shelter of choice. If you’ve already got a tent you love, it’s worth looking into whether the manufacturer’s got a specific footprint designed for that model of tent. Brands like MSR also carry universal footprints designed to fit the dimensions of a number of their tent sizes, so you don’t have to worry as much about tracking down an uber-specific footprint in time for your next weekend getaway.

Now that you’re equipped with some footprint facts, find the perfect pairing for your tent from brands like MEC, Big Agnes, Eureka! and more. Check out our comprehensive camping checklist to make sure you’re all set to go, pick up a few camping lanterns to set the campsite ambiance, and get outside.