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Msr tents

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Legendarily lightweight, MSR tents have been a top choice for camping and backpacking for many years. Innovative construction and technical fabrics shave grams so you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for a lighter pack.

MSR Hubba Hubba Tents have surprisingly roomy interiors and spacious vestibules. If you’re willing to carry a little more weight, their Elixir tents offer similar dimensions at a lower price point. Both are easy to set up, even alone – so you can pitch the tent while your buddy gets dinner started.

When stormclouds threaten, MSR tents are up to the task. Composite poles flex in heavy winds, generous headroom lets you sit up comfortably while you wait out the weather, and rain gutters block water from sneaking in as you exit.

How to choose a tent

Tents come in different sizes based on how many people can sleep inside. Lightweight backpacking tents won’t weigh you down on multi-day trips, while car camping tents are roomier but heavier. If you plan to camp from spring to fall, a 3-season tent offers shelter from rain and bugs. For winter camping, pick a 4-season tent designed to withstand strong winds and heavy snow.

Need help? Read more tips on how to choose a tent or chat with MEC staffers in-store or online. And check out our camping checklist to make sure you remember all the essentials.