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Camping power banks

Batteries and solar options to light your campsite

If you’re looking for a way to add some illumination to your campsite or backyard, why not pick an option that offers some versatility? Outdoor lanterns that do double duty to provide more utility make them twice as valuable – and twice as deserving of the space they take up in your pack.

A lantern with battery capability is invaluable no matter where you’re taking it. These little powerhouses can top up vital devices a few times per trip. They save you the stress of running out of power right when you need it most. For a wider selection with more heavy-duty power bank options, check out portable chargers and power banks. Portable solar panels reduce your reliance on the power grid and give you more flexibility when it comes to keeping your devices charged away from home.

When it comes to other features for your lights, keep an eye out for a variety of brightness settings, red light modes and hooks or clips that make it easy to set them up around your campsite.