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    Flashlights for navigating in the dark

    We’ve all been there: trying to find your box of matches, your keys or your pyjamas after sunset. And don’t get us started on finding the way to the bathroom. Feeling around in the dark is fine when it works, but you can save yourself time and stress by picking up a flashlight that’ll make your night life a little easier.

    Compared to a camping lantern, a flashlight is better for those times when precision is important. Typically offering a bright, focused beam of light, they’re great for finding your way around if you need to leave your campsite, check out a weird noise or go searching for something in your pack.

    With options ranging from small but mighty keychain flashlights to full-blown light cannons capable of outputting 1000+ Lumens, there’s a flashlight for every situation. Other features can include power bank capability, a variety of brightness settings, and even hard warming functionality for those late nights winter camping. Built to be sturdy and weather-resistant, there’s no need to stress about a little rough treatment, either.