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Sunburn treatment

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Sunburn treatment to soothe discomfort

Time flies when you’re relaxing at the beach. Whether you forgot to reapply your sunscreen or just want to give your skin a break after all that time in the sun, a sunburn treatment is a great step towards feeling better.

A sunburn treatment can be split into two parts: cooling and moisturizing. The cooling sensation helps with the immediate discomfort of a sunburn to help soothe and reduce inflammation in the affected area. Moisturizing properties treat the cracked, peeling aspects of sun-exposed skin and rehydrates the skin for long-term improvement.

For those days when the sun leaves you red and peeling, aloe-based treatments will help with the discomfort and aid the healing process. Plus, other moisturizing ingredients like vitamin E will help return your skin to being soft and smooth.

Sunburn treatments also include lotions that can help keep your skin happy before it gets burned. Any time spent in the sun can be followed by applying these cooling lotions to help soothe your skin and ease any dryness or irritation.

Remember, the best sunburn treatment is prevention, so don’t forget to grab the sunscreen when you’re packing for a sunny day.