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Survival kits

Survival kits to keep you prepared

When you’re heading into the bush, it’s always better to be prepared. A few simple must-have supplies could be the difference when it comes to making it through an emergency, and survival kits are a great step to take towards staying on your toes.

Whether you want to pick up a pre-made kit stocked with the essentials or put one together to be customized to your own needs, there are a few key things to look for in a survival kit. A weatherproof container is a must for when things go south. Similarly, fire-starting equipment that doesn’t rely on bone-dry wood is a lifesaver when the weather takes a turn for the worst, so look for waterproof and wind-resistant fire starters and matches.

Simple devices like signal mirrors, whistles and compasses can help you find your way – or help others find you – when you’ve lost your path. Also consider inclusions like emergency blankets and repair supplies (simple things like sewing kits and duct tape) to prepare you for any unwelcome surprises.

Finally, when considering emergency preparedness, make sure you’ve got the right first aid kit and first aid supplies for your trip. The extra grams in your pack will always be worth the security that comes with being prepared.