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Kids hiking boots

Get your kids on the trail with kids hiking boots

When you’re gearing up for a trip with the family, make sure everybody – down to the littlest hikers – have the right shoes for the trip. Kid’s hiking boots will keep the youngest outdoor enthusiasts equipped, letting them hike with comfort and confidence no matter what the trail brings.

What makes a good kid’s hiking boot? Simple: the same things that make any good hiking boot. Durable construction is a must, with a focus on support that’ll keep them moving. Look for boots with soles that’ll help them stay upright and move with confidence over all kinds of terrain. A lightweight boot will feel better over long hikes and save their energy for climbing hills.

Looking for something extra? Antimicrobial treatments will keep your kid’s hiking boots fresher longer, and waterproof treatments and construction will keep their feet dry (even if they stumble into a puddle or two).

Once your kids are suited up, make sure you’re ready to go with your own hiking boots or hiking shoes. And if your kids are too little for boots of their own, you can still take them along for the hike with a child carrier backpack.